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Flue & Fireplace Installation

We offer our clients a Competitive, friendly, and Professional Fireplace and Flue fitting service.

Buying and fitting a fireplace

Buying and installing a fireplace could not be easier! Our fireplaces will suit all budgets from the cosey wood burning stove to bespoke designer installations. Take a look at our catalogues below to choose a design and then contact us by email for a price. We would then arrange a visit to conduct a survey and ensure that the installation is within the regulations and the system would work by running it through our diagnostic software. After you have received your quote and are happy to go ahead then the order is placed with our suppliers. The fireplaces can take between 4 to 8 weeks for delivery but our team will be on standby to get them installed as soon as they arrive. If you just need a little advice or have a question do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

It is paramount this work is completed by a trained professional and a Ramoneur/Fumiste is the only Artisan in France qualified to fit and repair fireplaces and flues.

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Take a look at the fireplace catalogues from some of our suppliers providing a range of affordable quality small stoves to bespoke high-end designer fireplaces. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a specific brand in mind which we haven’t featured below.

COSTIC… Study and Training Centre for Climatic engineering and Technical building equipment.

It is the only recognised training facility in France where the certificate of Ramoneur / Fumiste can be obtained. It entails a long intensive residential course at the conclusion of which students are rigorously tested on their knowledge, common sense and practical skills. If they pass they are awarded a ‘Certificat Professionnel ‘ of level V-code NSF232r.

As a result, the customer is guaranteed a recognised, accredited and professional artisan.



It is a misconception that a ramonage/chimney sweep only needs to be done once a year. A ramonage must be cleaned in accordance with the RSDT regulations (It will more than likely be in the small print of your insurance) for wood, coal burning or fuel generator this is TWO TIMES A YEAR. For Gas appliances, it is once a year. It could be an expensive mistake to make if you were unfortunate enough to have a Chimney Fire.