Fire Place & Flue Fitting

Fire Place & Flue Fitting

We Offer our clients a Competitive , friendly and Professional Fireplace and Flue fitting service .
We will complete a full survey using specialised camera equipment which will help us design and plan a Chimney system that will suit your needs.The design and materials will adhere to the regulations and safety rules dictated by the ‘ Document technique unifié '  and ‘ Réglement Sanitaire Départemental Type’

It is paramount this work is completed  by a trained professional and a Ramoneur/Fumiste is the only Artisan in France qualified to fit and repair fireplaces and flues .

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COSTIC... Study and Training Centre for Climatic engineering and Technical building equipment .

It is the only recognised training facility in France where the certificate of Ramoneur / Fumiste can be obtained . It entails a long intensive residential course at the conclusion of which students are rigorously tested on their knowledge , common sense and practical skills . If they pass they are awarded with a ‘Certificat Professionnel ‘ of level V-code NSF232r.

As a result the customer is guaranteed a recognised, accredited and professional artisan.


It is a misconception that a ramonage/chimney sweep only needs to be done once a year. A ramonage must be cleaned in accordance with the RSDT regulations (It will more than likely be in the small print of your insurance) for a wood, coal burning or fuel generator this is TWO TIMES A YEAR. For Gas appliances it is once a year. It could be an expensive mistake to make if you were unfortnate enough to have a Chimney fire .

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